Harry Hepcat, 1950s Rock and Roll
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Jailhouse Rock
mid-70s TV
Ready Teddy
mid-80s rock video
Make-Out Daddy
original song mid-90s
Drinking Wine Spo-dee-o-dee       Twenty Flight Rock

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Stories of the 50s (CD)
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Stories of the 50's CD

What do UFO Abductions, Late Night Radio, and Doo Wop have in common? They're all on the new Harry Hepcat album, "Then & Now," currently available on iTunes featuring classic Doo Wop by HH from back in the day and 2 new compositions from the Hepcat. Check it out!
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Harry Hepcat's Radio Show

As showcased on Cablevision: life as a teen in the 1950s

"Having been a record collector for almost 50 years and a resident of New York City and Connecticut, I am familiar with Harry Hepcat's work....it is exciting and as real as it gets."

Terry Stewart, President & CEO, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, Ohio

Photo Harry Hepcat 2010
2010 photo of Harry Hepcat in front of his 1946 Rockola jukebox, playing his 1959 Fender Stratocaster
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Look for Harry interviewed on the History Channel's "American Classics." This documentary on the 50s also features Dick Clark and Jay Leno and is available for purchase at many video outlets.

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History of Rock & Roll (3 parts).

New York DJs.
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1950s 3-D comics.

Hepcat in the funny papers.

"Bless the existence of Harry Hepcat; while he sings and has sung songs of the hip end of the fifties lifestyle, he actually lived it... All of the tracks are about normal topics, but most of them aren't what you'd expect to hear a song of the fifties talking about: diners, tank-like cars, switchblades... It really is odd hearing such performed, because it is the real deal. However, the most interesting section lies in the ten minute plus "Rock & Roll Love Affair", which was penned at the end of the sixties, yet lies in fifties style. It tells the full story of a date, proving to be quite the epic. Listening to it will show you just how similar the story-telling of "the Boss" Springsteen is to Harry Hepcat. Harry Hepcat, a visionary indeed..."

Darren Paltrowitz,
Rock Critic

You can contact Harry Hepcat at: HarryHepcat@optonline.net

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History of Rock & Roll
Part I
History of Rock & Roll
Part II
History of Rock & Roll
Part III

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