Go Cat, Go

by: Harry Hepcat

Rare 1960 Music Radio station ID jingle
(done rock-a-billy style)
WABC New York City

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Hear the original Gooba Gooba Show
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Here is a sample of Harry Hepcat on his Gooba Gooba Show over WNYG (Long Island, NY.). Listen for the voice over during the record. We are featuring, "A Saucer Serenade", by The Saucer Men. It is dedicated to all of the UFO enthusiasts who tune into this web site. The voice over and cow bells are by Harry Hepcat.

Harry Hepcat at WNYG

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Harry Hepcat's GRAVEYARD SHIFT on WNYG Radio. Between 1988 and 1994, Harry Hepcat had fun on the overnight shift on WNYG Radio, 1440 AM, in Babylon, NY. Here's 9 minutes worth of airchecks from that time. Gooba Gooba!   Harry Hepcat's HARD CORE OLDIES SHOW on WNYG Radio. Aside from the Nightly GRAVEYARD SHIFT, Harry hosted THE HARD CORE OLDIES SHOW, a weekly trip through the dusty back-of-the-oldies-racks which featured plenty of rarities. From WNYG Radio, 1440 AM, in Babylon NY.

Hear the original Jocko's Rocket Ship Show

Douglas Henderson earned his reputation on WOV in New York, where he became known as, "Jocko". In August of 1959 WOV was sold to the Macfadden-Bartell group of stations headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It then became known as WADO.

Many web sites devoted to early rock & roll tell Jocko's tale in text. No one features sound. That's because almost nothing exists. Not even Jocko has any recordings. Harry Hepcat has uncovered about an hour's worth of Jocko's Rocket Ship Show. Portions of that show are featured here. The sound comes from tapes made on home tape recorders (which were rare in those days. Anyone remember Pentron or Webcor? How about alligator clips?) attached to low fidelity AM radios.

Douglas Jocko Henderson
The sound quality isn't the best, but these tapes do preserve why Jocko had such a loyal following among both white and black teenagers. You can hear why he is revered to this day and why he is featured in so many halls of fame; even if no one there possesses any sound.

Jocko's style was to talk over the record; become part of it. He did this so well that if one went out and purchased a record heard on his show, there was always something missing. What was missing was Jocko. There is no other disc jockey who has ever come close to this brand of talent (except for Harry Hepcat, of course). So, click and listen. You will hear (full length) the opening of the show and the 1957 recording by the Lyrics (Wildcat Records) called, "Oh, Please Love Me." This recording features Jocko's performance on the former radio station WOV (New York City).

by Harry Hepcat,
Unreleased Ultra Sonic Studios-1972
I've Had It
by Harry Hepcat
Graffiti Records (unreleased)

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