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"Real to Reel, Early Sessions" (Aeternus Records)
Ignored by an obtuse mass media that raised Gene and Elvis as unnerving upstarts (only to cast them aside as passe), original '50s rocker Harry Hepcat developed uninhibited. Remastered 1997-issued cuts illustrate an unbridled classic-form rock'n'roller deserving of wider acclaim than was his. Recommended Tracks "Harry's Groove ," "Michelina" 4 STARS
by DC Larson
Complete Harry Hepcat

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"Doo Wop Sessions",
by Harry Hepcat and The Boogie Woogie Band

On CD - $10.00

The Doo Wop Sessions CD

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"Stories Of The 50's", by Harry Hepcat on CD.
Here it is at last! The album Hepcat fans have been asking for.
Harry's collection of original songs about his favorite era!!!
These are the aspects of life in the 50's that you won't find in your record collection.
It's got it all -- rock-a-billy, blues, do-wop, good ol' rock & roll and story narrations - all about the 50's.
Just when you thought you heard it all!!

"Harry Hepcat is a rockabilly rocker from way back who's lost nothing over the years and can tell a story in song with the best of them" -- Don K. Reed, WCBS-FM, New York City

Stories of the 50's CD

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"TEEN BEAT" - one hour award winning documentary on teen life in the 50s in a small town on Long Island. Plenty of vintage photos, rock & roll, memorabilia, film clips and D.J.s!!
      VHS $25.
      DVD $30
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Real to Reel by Harry Hepcat is available on CD ($12.00) and cassette tape ($5.00). Includes 19 songs !!
cover picture
(4 samples from Real To Reel)

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AVAILABLE: Hepcat phonograph records are considered rare and sell for a premium (prices vary) at many collectors' stores. Supply is limited and sales are on a first-come first-served basis. Phonograph recordings are only available on 45rpm discs. Several are available in the rare Extended Play (EP) format. NOTICE! - All 78rpm's are S O L D   O U T! All tapes are current.

45rpm Records and tapes available !
This is the DuMont Television Network - Steam Engine coverThe Sunrise Special
This is a four song Extended Play (EP) 45rpm record. Songs are:
"Sunrise Special", "Twenty Flight Rock", "Bull Jive", "Boppin The Blues".

Price: $7.00  EP format

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Harry Hepcat on Rebop
This is a four song Extended Play (EP) 45rpm record. Songs are:
"Good Rockin' Tonight", "Shake Rattle & Roll", "Boggie Chillun", "Go Cat Go".

Price: $7.00  EP format
This is the DuMont Television Network - Picture profile
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Sea Cruise / Great Balls of Fire - Single 45rpm.
Price: $4.00
(Sample both sides of this record)

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Air Check 1950s by Harry Hepcat one of the wildest, craziest shows to ever pierce the airwaves. One hour of rock and roll mayhem from WNYG 1440 on your AM dial. Cassette tape. Price: $10.00.
Sample of one of Harry's many shows.

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Harry Hepcat
Harry Hepcat

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COLLECTORS !!!   Look for the Harry Hepcat LP on Bison Bop Volume 11 out of Hamburg, Germany, plus, Go Cat, Go (LP) on the Dee-Jay Jamboree label (out of Hamburg), the album "American Rockabilly" on Nervous Records out of London, England and the CD, "American Neo-Rockabilly", J!mco Records, Japan. There is also a Hepcat song featured on, "Raunchy Rock & Roll". Check local catalogues in record stores. Also recorded for Old Town Records (unreleased).


NOTE: EP format (mentioned above) stands for Extended Play. Throughout the lifetime of 45 rpm recordings most had one song on each side. EP records had two songs on each side.

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