The web site uses Adobe, Shockwave, to play sound files. Be sure this program is installed on your computer and is enabled by your browser. You can download the program here: Adobe Flash

The Shockwave player will NOT appear. Press the underlined text to play music or to go to another page.

TO USE THE SHOCKWAVE PLAYER, Left click on the yellow arrow on the left side of the gray rectangle box to play a song. Click ll to pause the playback. Left click on the yellow cone and hold down the mouse button. Slide it back and forth to adjust your volume. Left click on the yellow box that will move across the slider as the music plays. Hold down the mouse button. Slide the box to a new location to either skip ahead or skip back.

ALTERNATIVE TO SHOCKWAVE: Directly above the Shockwave Player is underlined text. This is a live URL. If you click on that you will activate one of a number of players that you have installed on your computer. Examples are: Windows Media Player, Real Audio Player, Quick Time, Win Amp, other. You choose. This method does not use the Shockwave Player.

Success in using this alternative will depend on what browser and operating system you are using. For example, in Visa, Internet Explorer did not work at all, but in Windows 7 it worked fine. Chrome had difficulty (inconsistant results) in Vista. Other browsers, such as Firefox and Opera worked fine across platforms. In addition, each browser and each operating system have their own way of allowing you to choose which media player to use.

On some computers Real Audio wlll not automatically open. If this happens, open Real Audio first and then click on the URL. We have not tested all systems using all players. In our experience there is no problem when Windows Media Player is your default.

For some users, Internet Explorer (IE), by Microsoft may present a problem. Some users will get the following message at the bottom of their screen when trying to play Shockwave Flash Files:

"Internet Explorer restricted this page from running scripts or Active X controls / Allow Blocked Content X"

This message appears in what IE calls the Information Bar.

Left click, "Allow Blocked Content".

If you do not do this (click on the X) the Shockwave player will not appear in IE. To get the message back either refresh your browser, close your browser and restart it. Then again, the message may reappear when you click the Back button, below.

Everybody else (Firefox, Chrome, Opera): If Shockwave is installed, there is NO need to do anything! However, individual browsers sometimes encounter peculiar errors or gliches. It is not the scope of this help page to explain anything out of the ordinary.

Valid as of 7-17-2013