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Doo Wop Sessions - CD
Harry Hepcat's Stories of the 50's - CD
Real To Reel (19 songs)- Tape
Real To Reel (19 songs)- CD
Sunrise Special (45rpm - 4 songs)
Harry Hepcat on Rebop (45rpm - 4 songs)
Great Balls of Fire / Sea Cruise (45rpm single)
Air Check 1950s by Harry Hepcat
(One hour cassette tape of the
Gooba Gooba Show radio show)
Teen Beat
Aprox time 50 minutes. Video documentry of life in the 1950's. VHS tape
                                                                                                     DVD -----

Grand total quantity: cover 
Total price:cover  

Total postage (shipping):
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GRAND Total   


Postage for one copy of Teen Beat - $3.00 ------------------ Foreign - $8.00

OTHER ITEMS: (records and sound cassette tapes)
One to three items USA - $3.00 ----------------------------- Foreign - $8.00

Over three items USA, add 50 cents for each item. ---- Foreign - add $2.00 for each item

Handling charge per order shipped (includes all items) __________________ $1.50

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E-mail: HarryHepcat@optonline.net World Wide Web address: http://www.harryhepcat.com